Girard-Perregaux Laureato Return to the League

Fashion often fades. Just like the bell-bottomed pant was the most popular item in the 1970s, yet the hype has gone today. The luxury sports watches introduced in that era, however, are an exception. These timepieces are still very well-regarded by watch lovers and aficionados. And one of the biggest names is Girard-Perregaux Laureato.

The 1970s gave birth to numerous iconic high-end sports watches. Apart from Girard-Perregaux Laureato, some familiar names are Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Vacheron Constantin Overseas and IWC Ingenieur. It could be said the luxury sports watch category was born in that era.

Dating back to 1975, Girard-Perregaux Laureato entrusted a Milan-based architect to design a sports watch that could be worn on every occasion. It was clear to him that the element of instant recognition of the watch must be the bezel. He created an octagonal bezel framed by a circle. The bezel as a whole was bestowed a unique contour. In order to play with light, the eight angles of the octagon were linked not by straight, sharply defined lines, but instead harmonious curves combining fully polished convex or concave surfaces. The bezel thus becomes the signature design of the Laureato. The very first Laureato was actually a quartz watch and housed the Cal.705 movement with a frequency of 32,786 Hz, which was the most advanced COSC-certified quartz movement of its time. The dial, therefore, were printed with “Quartz Chronometer”.

One of the outstanding features of Laureato is the integrated case and bracelet design. During the 1980s, the Manufacture adjusted the bracelet design from trapezium to H-shaped satin-finished with domed and polished inter-links, echoing the shining bezel. For the 20th anniversary of the Girard-Perregaux Laureato in 1995, the Manufacture updated the watch with the in-house GP3100 automatic movement, marking it as a mechanical watch.

Last year, Girard-Perregaux celebrated its 225th anniversary and brought back the Laureato limited edition of 225 pieces. Unexpectedly, the Manufacture this year launches scores of new Laureato watches in different sizes for men and women, with nearly 30 references including tourbillon watches. Featuring the octagonal and circle bezel and Clous de Paris hobnail pattern, the new releases are complemented by bracelets as well as alligator strap. Plus, its price point is rather attractive; the Laureato 42mm with bracelet is priced at just above eighty thousand dollars, which is 20% lower than last year’s limited edition.

Laureato Tourbillon

The Laureato collection returns to the core collection this year and Girard-Perregaux specially creates tourbillon models to steal the limelight at the show. A tourbillon does go harmoniously with the Laureato because it doesn’t occupy much space in the dial thus keeping the minimalist aesthetics of Laureato’s DNA. Understated yet luxurious, the 45mm piece comes in titanium case and pink gold bezel while the slate grey dial is decorated with Clous de Paris hobnail pattern.

The eye-catching tourbillon features the arrow-shaped Gold Bridge, the most distinctive design of the Manufacture. The middle of the tourbillon bridge is made of steel and the two sides are pink gold, contributing a noticeable contrast in colours. Turning over the case, you can admire the top-notch standard of finishing; the movements plates and parts are nicely polished. Powering this handsome piece is the GP09510 automatic movement equipped with a gold micro-rotor providing 49 hours of power reserve. The Laureato Tourbillon offers also a titanium and white gold model.


Laureato 42mm

Almost every watch brand creates sports watch in its collection. To standout from the crowd, the ideal watch should be made instantly recongisable. Suffice to say, the Laureato has some unique characteristics to set it apart from others, namely the octagonal and round bezel, and the Clous de Paris work on the dial. The detailed design, exclusive style and appeal armed the Laureato to be a pillar of the sports watch collection of the Manufacture.

Among the 42 mm models, this all-steel reference with a blue dial would probably receive the most attention. With a sporty appearance, the Laureato is versatile and goes perfectly with any formal attire, reiterating the essence of luxury sports watches. It is also worth mentioning the date window at 3 o’clock. Executed with meticulous attention to detail, the colour of the date wheels matches the dial colour so that the piece is in total harmony. The Laureato 42mm offers a choice of blue, white or grey dial and also comes in titanium with pink gold bezel version.


Laureato 38mm

Watches with blue dial are no doubt one of the hottest trends in the watch world these years. Another buzzword is mid-size. We’ve seen so many dress watches or sports watches have their size trimmed. Getting on the trend, the Laureato adds a gender-neutral 38mm midsize model suitable for both men and women, showcasing the versatility of the Laureato line-up. The 38mm iteration is feminised on women’s wrist, while a diamond-set bezel would be a lavish option. Same as its 42mm siblings, the Laureato 38mm comes in blue, white or grey dial.


Laureato 34mm

The 38mm version perhaps is still too big for some woman’s wrist. So the Manufacture creates this 34mm petite pretty. Compared with the 42mm and 38mm versions, the 34mm piece houses a quartz movement and features a simple two-handed dial. The clean and open dial now allows the wearer to see better the appealing Clous de Paris pattern.

約售:$67,100 – $236,000


Text: Casper Li / Photo: Kauzrambler